In recent years, we’ve heard Margaret Atwood’s name quite a bit. The Handmaid’s Tale TV show has been a successful hit. The story has also been relevant in the women’s movements, specially in the U.S.A. I have never read her books but today that is going to change. As you know by now I got a bunch of kids running around. Whenever I get the chance to read a book I use ebooks. I would prefer to read the printed version but I can’t risk going to the library or having the kids rip the book apart. Today, I logged into the library’s catalog and I went to look for the Handsmaid’s Tale. All the copies are checked out so I browsed to see what else was there. I came across Moral Disorder. I liked the cover, it was available and I checked it out.. Today I’ll start reading the book… I’ll try my best to finish it by the 12th! Happy Reading!

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