Gift Wrapping

Hello Everyone! There are 2 days till Christmas Eve and 3 till Christmas Day. Today I would like to talk about gift wrapping. I think… I’m okay at wrapping gifts. To be honest I don’t have that much patience and I’m not striving for a perfectly wrapped gift. In our household I’m in charge of the gift wrapping. Every two years I get a gift wrapping kit. This year I’ve decided not to buy the kit and go for a sustainable option. In September I bought a bunch of baby safety gates, they were wrapped in a brown paper. As soon as I saw the amount of paper used on the giant boxes I received I decided to use it for Christmas. Once the kids were sleeping I set up everything. I needed enough paper for 12 gifts. I choose to wrap the big gifts first. Once they were out of the way I realized I had to wrap the rest of the gifts by using scraps and pieces of the paper I had left. I used a bag from H&M to wrap the last 2 gifts. I also ended up using masking tape instead of the clear tape. I’m waiting to see the family’s reaction when they see the gifts wrapped in this brown paper. I’m happy with the end result and will likely use this brown paper or newspaper for any future gift wrapping needs. Reusing the brown […]

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