Halloween Part One – Pre Halloween Day

The Medical Health Officer of Ontario, Canada recommended that kids in the “hot zones” to not engage in door to door trick or treating. As a child the second best part of Halloween was ringing the door and saying “Trick of Treat” and many kids this year won’t be able to experience that.

I have always celebrated Halloween, but I did not take my kids trick or treating until 2018. In Toronto, most Halloween nights are cold and damp so I didn’t go out of my way to encourage my kids to go trick or treating until they asked me and of course I said yes.

For the years we didn’t go trick or treating we dress them up, bought candy, loot bags, had outside food and watch movies. Today I will be sharing with you some tips based on my own experiences that will help you and your kids have a wonderful Halloween night!

As always I will remind you to keep your expectations realistic based on your own family dynamics. If you want the kids to carve pumpkins and you are up for it go ahead, if you just want to order pizza and watch a movie that’s cool too. Just have fun!

I will be breaking down all the information in two post. Pre Halloween and Halloween Day.

Get ready for Halloween by:

  • Involving the kids in the costume shopping. This year we picked them together and order them online.
  • If you can buy extra candy and involve the kids too. I know they’ll be in a sugar coma on Halloween, but they’ll be happy
  • Let them be in charge of decorating your home. It might not look perfect, but it would make them feel important
  • Do something that you don’t usually do for Halloween. We are debating between baking a spooky cake or cupcakes
  • Go for walks or a drive and check out some Halloween decorations around your neighborhood
  • Let them choose some movies or games that they really like.. even if they have nothing to do with Halloween
  • Plan a spooky breakfast
  • Finally … surprise them with something. I bought some loot bags, I’ll fill them up with candy and I plan on placing them all over the house for a indoor scavenger hunt

This year nothing is as it should be so I’ll try to be extra flexible with all the decisions leading up to and on Halloween Day

Stay tuned for part two of this Halloween series.

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