First day of School


Today, the kids started their school. E started grade 4 and T is in SK. We kept them home. It was the best decision that worked best for our family.

About a month ago I started turning the dinning room into a home classroom. I bought lots of supplies and some decorations to make it feel more like a classroom. We used our existing furniture for the desks, chairs and storage. I’m an Ikea lover some most of our furniture has been bought over the past decade.

We’ll be buying the kids some chromebooks because they are easier to use. For now these two computers will do.

I’ve tried to create the best schedule for us. I’m a bit anxious about how this fall semester is going to turn out. Did I tell you I started my last year of Uni? Oh and it’s also on a full time basis.

Wish us luck!

I hope everyone is safe and doing well and hasta pronto!

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