The Week of the Blueberry

Good Day Everyone !
I’ll start my summer dessert series with blueberries. This week I’ll show you two delicious desserts made from the same batch of flour.

I’ll start with scones. I choose to use frozen blue berries and tried to find the easiest recipe out there. This is the recipe I followed the Scone Recipe by Simply Baking.

Then, I made some blueberry cookies! Remember that cookies bake faster thn than scones.

Blueberries turned out to be a great alternative to chocolate chips. The similarity in the appearance to chocolate chips didn’t raise any complaints from any of the kids.

We loved these goodies and we finished them in a couple of days. Remember we are 7 people. We continue our quest to balance healthier foods that are appealing to kids/toddlers and are easy to make.

I hope everyone has a great week

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