Every morning for the past 10 years I have had a cup of coffee with half and inch of milk. Yes, even while pregnant I drank coffee.

During the summer months I like to have an ice coffee, juice or smoothie for breakfast. If the day is on the cooler side, I’ll made some Colombia hot chocolate (Chocolate Corona). For the past year I drink a cup of black tea before breakfast, even on a hot summer morning a mint tea is amazing!

I know there are many fancy drinks out there that are delicious but there isn’t any time to make them. The little machines with the coffee pods are amazing but we produce enough waste so those are not an option for us.

In general, I like to use simple appliances that aren’t bulky. The coffee maker make up to 6 cups, for smoothies and juices I use the magic bullet, for the ice I use a single plastic tray and reusable cups and straws. For tea, coffee and hot chocolate I use the same cup, a cup I purchased in 2015 at a Dunkin Donuts in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Just like in every other post I want to remind you, it’s okay not to have the perfect smoothie or ice coffee or espresso. The most important thing is to have your sanity and some breakfast!

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