How many times have you heard that eating bread is bad? I’ve heard this since I was about eight. I think I heard it on tv. Hearing that caused me to internalize it and an unhealthy relationship of guilt after enjoying some toast or a croissant was born. Yes, over eating bread can cause serious health issues. So is over eating any other food.

I want the kids to have a good relationship with food and I’m teaching them to eat everything in moderation.

There are times that we eat toast, peanut butter and jam sandwiches or ham and cheese sandwiches.

At times we like to bake but not in the summer..

We love croissants too. Sometimes we bake them and sometimes they are store bought.

I’m don’t know if teaching moderation to the kids is going to assure that they will have healthy habits as adults. I’m sure that feeling guilt every time you make a “wrong” food choice isn’t healthy.

Bread can be pared with other healthy foods and is convenient About 3 or 4 times a week, we have some type of bread and I’m okay with it. Bread in moderation is a kid and adult approved food in out home!

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