The Egg

*All the picture in the blog were taken while I cooked this morning’s breakfast

When I started brainstorming what food or beverage items to talk about on this breakfast series, I decided to make a list! The first item that came to my mind was eggs. I would like to start this series with one of my favourite foods! The egg, I love chicken eggs and I like to have them for dinner too.

Chicken eggs come in many sizes and colours. I prefer to use extra large white eggs for breakfast and baking.

The cost based on the size of the eggs is different, smaller size eggs run at a lower cost than their larger counterparts. Recently I have been buying a 24 egg carton that are medium size because they are the only ones available at my local grocery store. Regularly I buy two dozen of extra large eggs which lasts me almost a week and a half.

Eggs were the first food I learned to cook, I think that everyone should know how to cook certain items and eggs are one of them. I’m going to show you how I make a sunny side up egg.

  1. I warm up the pan to medium heat and let it heat up for 2 min  ( you know your stove better than me so sometimes you might need to heat it up for a longer or shorter time). Once is heated, I prefer to use butter when making eggs, I use a total of quarter of an inch of butter for all of our eggs and divided into 7 equal sizes.
  2. I crack the egg open and try to make it into a circle ( I like to use a flexible spatula for this part and the smaller the egg the easer it is to flip)
  3. Let it cook for two minutes
  4. Once the egg white starts to get solid, I flip it for 1 minute for the kids and 30 seconds for me to allow the other side to get cooked. I prefer my egg’s yolk to be runny.

Remember you know your stove better than anyone so please don’t take the timing to heart and look at the consistency of the egg to choose how long to cook it for.

During our busy morning routine eggs are one of the fastest things I can make, and the older kids get to help in the process!

Eggs are a NgBr family of 7 approved breakfast item

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