Condiments & Ingridients

In the past two months I’ve cooked more than I had in my entire life. Keeping track of all the items I buy during the once a week grocery run and it has giving me a huge insight on many things. One of those things is that I use mostly the same ingredients for most of the dishes I make. My cooking might be considered bland by some standards, but I can proudly say:

I use the same ingredients that my mom used on her dishes

Picture by Mari A. Burbano

Having 5 kids means there is a small window to prepare any of the big three meals of the day. I guess that’s why my mom cooked the way she did ( she raised 5 kids too) . Her cooking was simple but delicious.

Picture by Mari A. Burbano

The main condiment I use is salt, the most used ingredients are green onions, garlic, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro.

A few days ago, I was cutting some ingredients to add to the chicken and I started by cutting the cilantro. Once I was done cutting the cilantro, I noticed that it looked like half a heart. That’s when the idea of the photo you see below came to life.

My new logo (picture by Mari A. Burbano)

I thought about my mom and my sister (she has many different roles in my life… sometimes my sister, sometimes my bestfriend and at times a mom). My sister usually finds hearts where no one else would. This is image combines my memories when I think about these two amazing women. This picture is simple, you might only see food or a heart. I see love.

What are some of your favorite cooking ingredients?

I hope everyone is doing well!

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