Traditional Colombian Cuisine

Over the weekend it was my mom’s birthday and the first since her passing. To honor her, the kids and I cooked a SANCOCHO which is simply put a soup (some people say is a stew). I wasn’t planning on making it but let me tell you the story on why we choose to make this stew.

I went grocery shopping, I needed to buy a cake pan but since everyone has decided to bake guess what… there weren’t any cake pans left so I kept on walking and I saw something that caught me eye. It was a pressure cooker, I will not speak for any other Colombian or person but growing up my family used those cookers a lot.. I’m scared of them and simply every time I hear that whistle I want to run away. Getting back to the story.. the pressure cooker caught my eye because of the brand IMUSA, which is a Colombian brand and the brand used by my family. Seeing that took me back to my grandmas’ kitchen in Bogota and Cumaral.

 I stood there and I cried (I’m an emotional person), I looked up and saw a caldero. I couldn’t believe it, the caldero was the last one so I grabbed it. I knew you could buy the IMUSA products online but to go to a regular store and find one of this products wasn’t think off 18 years ago when we immigrated to Canada.

My Imusa caldero

As the proud owner of a caldero, I Whatsapp my sister and as I was typing the message, I remembered her IMUSA pot used to make rice. She has had it since I can remember so yes, I cried again.

My sister’s Imusa pot

I felt that finding this caldero made me an official Colombian mom, I cried again and knew that I had to make a sancocho. My mom made the best sancocho and it was one of her favourite Colombian dishes. I bought the ingredients necessary and set out to share a sancocho making experience with kids. Again I was crying while cooking because I miss my mom and it feels as if it was yesterday when we were in  one of my grandmother’s kitchen. It made me realize how many people I love have passed away and that my children won’t get to know them.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20200421_1527064142040428562918617.jpg

I was incredibly pleased with the end result but as I sat down to eat, I couldn’t… I cried one more time and the kids tried to comfort me. Through the tears I tried to explain to them why I was crying and what making sancocho with them meant to me.

If you would like to try to make this Colombian recipe, the website My Colombian Recipes is the place to go for a detailed Sancocho Recipe. If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and would like to try it before trying this recipe, I suggest The Toston located in Markham!

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