Lava Cake

April is a busy birthday month in our family. T and M (the hubby) celebrate their birthdays this month . In the previous post I explained the disaster of a cake we baked –>you can read about T’s home made birthday cake here ( ). Today I’ll share the story of M’s birthday cake.
The cake was a surprise, M loves chocolate cakes so we choose to bake a lava cake! As always, I enlisted a baking assistant. The cake wasn’t made from scratch, I used a boxed chocolate fudge cake, but I did add a little bit of all purpose flour and a cup of extra milk.We greased the muffin pan and poured in the chocolate mixture. We didn’t fill it up all the way to the top and used some chocolate bars we had bought at Costco. The bars were placed in the middle of each filled cup. We also had enough to bake a cake and repeated the same process with the chocolate just used a lot more chocolate to fill it up.The cake needed some frosting, for this step we melted some of the left over chocolate from the bar and added some butter. Once the cake and cup caked were backed, we took them out of the pans and flip them. They cooled down for about 5 minutes. We poured the mixture of chocolate and butter on top and put them in the fridge.
The big cake and lava cakes taste it amazing, even though the melted chocolate didn’t pour out of the cake as expected.
Lava cake video
We’ll try to bake this cake again for Father’s Day!》》Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @ journeysandus7

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