Cake: All about perspective

T decided he wanted a chocolate cake so I bought the cake mixture. The frosting was made from scratch. We used a pack of oreos, we crushed the oreo cookies and added them to the frosting.

This was a two tier cake. The first tier was perfect!!!

As we finished with the filling… the triplets started to throw a temper tantrum. I had to tend to them, I didn’t want to burn the cake that was in the over so I took it out.

This is how I looked by the time a came back. The kids were hungry so I just wanted to get this over with….

The top layer broke in half…. the icing wouldn’t stick and the fudge was to thick.

Final product

The kids loved the taste, for my hubby and I it was to sweet.

In my mind we had failed. Aesthetically, the cake was messy and the icing too sweet. T thought the opposite. He was proud to have made his birthday cake.

Perspective is a beautiful thing!

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