Chao third moth of the year

The conclusion of March and our healthier choices is finally here! This are my last two weeks of this semester and I have an 2500 word essay due on Friday and the kids are being energizer bunnies on read bull so yeah…. Let’s get to this conclusion already…

At the beginning of the month I wrote down the following questions:

  • Can we stick to our budget while purchasing no prepackaged foods or “Healthier Foods”?
  • How convenient is it for a big family to not purchased any prepacked foods?
  • How much more or less garbage/recycling/ waste we produce this month?

Let’s start with money, my budget was $125 dollars a week but in reality, we spent around $250 a week. Part of the over inflated spending was that we bought extra. We did buy canned goods and non-perishable goods because of the current pandemic. We have not used the extra food we bought, and we have been eating fresh food. This was not challenging but keep in mind the kids have not been going to school since March 14! We did however lower the amount of garbage and recycling!! The amount of waste produced was kept at the same level. I would like to try this experiment again, but it will probably be in a year or so.

The last month I became aware of our eating habits and the kids are happy having a fruit or a vegetable as a snack. We will continue consuming staple food such as rice, flour, pasta, and bread. We have also upped the amount of vegetables and fruits we consume.

I didn’t get the answers I was expecting when I started this month, but I kept track of the exact amount of money we spent on food.

I hope everyone is doing good!

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