Healthier Choices- Dishes

Today, I will be focusing in the various dishes my family and I have been eating over the past couple of weeks.

The easy part is buying healthier foods. The hard part is being creative and get the kids to eat it. Also I try to sustain a balance of food staples such as rice and bread with a healthy life style.

My rule of thumb is to only follow a recipe ones. After that I tweak the measurement of a recipe. Especially when it comes to oils, sugar and salt.

For example: Pancakes

The recipe calls for 1/4 cup of sugar but since I add chocolate chips to it… I only use 1 tea spoon of sugar.

I make our popcorn on the stove because we do don’t own a microwave. To pop the corn you need oil. You don’t need to add extra butter.

Season your meat but don’t overdo it, I use a small pinch of salt per patty.

Please remember to buy what you need! I hope with what is going on in the world we learn once again that we are all in this planet together. There is more than enough for everyone but hording groceries or money only creates a bigger divide!

Through out all this we have learned to enjoy the natural flavors of our food.


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