Healthier Choices: Week 3

I was at the grocery store by 7:00 a.m. The frozen vegetables, milk, and bread were gone. I was surprised to see toilet paper, pasta and canned goods. The store seems to not be selling much of its fresh produce and they have mark down the prices of many items.

I took this time to take advantage of the fresh produce discount and grabbed a couple of things. I bought a good amount of meat and I had budgeted this trip to be past $100 dollars to my surprise it wasn’t.

Grocery stores around the area stock up on Tuesday’s so I hope I can buy some milk.

On the weekend we made chocolate chip pancakes. I taught my 9 year old son to make them from scratch and the little guy helped with the mixing. Today our 9 year old made us scrambled eggs!

On March Break (equivalent to Spring Break) my husband was supposed to take the kids bowling but since we are doing our part and staying home.. we made our own bowling game and tried to play with the triplets.. they lost any interest in the game after 10 minutes…

I hope everyone is doing okay, we are used to being home so it isn’t a big change for us but I am noticing less cars on the road…

Happy Hand Washing !


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