Healthier Choices: Week 2

Yesterday I finally made it to the grocery store… only to find long lines of people buying non perishable items. Boxes of hand sanitizers and there was no toilet paper. A lady told me… ” I really need toilet paper, I’ve been to 5 grocery stores and there is nothing”.. I said it might be bad for the environment but you can use baby wipes… she said I hadn’t think about that… Now time to get back to the topic..

On nonperishable items

We were “lucky” to get some canned and frozen,  fruit cocktails, peas, corn. Flour was sold out…. Today I went to the Costco website. All I could purchase was wild canned salmon and peanut butter.

On perishable items

I got some potatoes, bananas, berries, tomatoes,  garlic and cucumbers. Milk and eggs. Poultry and beef.

From what I can gather we need to relearn “how to share”… It seems that many of us missed the kindergarten lesson on sharing.

Image result for toilet paper

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