Healthier choices. First Week Groceries

Last week we purchased mostly vegetables and fruits for the first time. The over all price wasn’t bad. However, we have to go back to the grocery store tomorrow.

The receipt is a mess.. that’s what happens when you go shopping in a hurry..

A few things I like to point out this are Canadian dollars.

The good:

  • HST (taxes) were only $0.03
  • We got a variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Meat wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be
  • 5 dollars above budget

The bad:

  • We bought plastic bags
  • Milk bought comes in pouches
  • We still buy white brea
  • We bought cheese burgers and fries for one meal. I don’t know where the receipt went..
  • Meat was packed in styrofoam
  • There wasn’t a need to buy potatoes or rice
Homemade fries, avocado and grilled chicken.

Today, the W.H.O. ( World Health Organization) announced the Covid 19 virus is a pandemic. I just found out the NBA season has been postponed. I will be purchasing some nonperishable food. I will still apply “healthier choices” method.

Remember to wash your hand and don’t touch your face. For more information visit the website of your Health Ministry or the WHO’s website.

Stay safe.

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