March is Here!

Before you read the following post I want you to keep somethings in mind

  1. This post is all about me
  2. I’m not judging anyone who loves how they look
  3. I’m not an expert on the subjects…This is all about finding what works for my family and I.

Spring is around the corner and I can’t wait! We are 6 days into March and I’ve been so busy with the kids and school I haven’t post anything.

In March I will be conducting a little experiment. I have read and heard that eating healthy can be expensive. This month I would like to compare a “healthy food” budget to a regular food budget. With little kids I buy some packaged foods like cookies, cereal and granola bars. This month I will be only purchasing vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats and nuts.

I’m interested in finding out:

  • Can we stick to our budget while purchasing no prepackaged foods or “Healthier Foods”?
  • How convenient is it for a big family to not purchased any prepacked foods?
  • How much more or less garbage/recycling/ waste we produce this month?

Keep in mind that we are a family of 7, 1 male adult, 1 female adult and 5 male kids. Our budget is $500 CAD a month and I will be using cash for all transactions. I will also be purchasing milk, cheese and yogurt and unfortunately the come in some sort of package but they are very important for our diet.

Tomorrow we will be going on our first grocery shopping trip with our Wonderfold Wagon wish us luck and hopefully people aren’t going to stare at us too much!

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