Tracking Calories- Part 1..

Counting your daily intake of food. Some might dreaded, some might love it… I think is a great tool to keep your self accountable. I often remind my self that my journey is about honesty. This includes my eating habits

After I had my first child I found MyFitnessPal and combined with exercise I successfully lost all the baby weight. I used it after my second pregnancy as well however the second time around I never lost the last 10 lbs. After both kids within 2 years of their births I was happy with my health and weight.

With the triplets it has been a completely different experience, it has been slow, painful and tiring. Short story, after the triplets were born (a week) I had lost 35 lbs of weight but all the stress and anxiety of caring for 3 new borns and 2 kids was too much. I turned to food to give me the calories I needed, comfort and I was mostly eating me emotions. I couldn’t cook for over a year and a half so we ate a lot of take out. I didn’t care what I was eating as long as it tasted good and kept me full for at least 6 to 8 hours.

The triplets are 2 years old, I have gained back a minuscule amount of control over my time. Before my birthday I lost 10 lbs but my mother’s passing sent me on the emotional eating route one more time. During that time I allowed my self to eat unhealthy foods once again this time wasn’t as bad as before.

In January I decided it was time to love my body again and I took a small step. I downloaded MyFitnessPal and recorded my food intake for a week. Oh… I was broken to see the data of what I was doing to my body…. but it was necessary.

Having a clear picture of my eating habits, facing that shame of knowing your kids are watching you eat horribly and how that might affecting was my wake up call. At no moment I’m saying “NO MORE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES” but I want to make good choice on the food I eat. I always gotta remind my self “KIDS LEARN BY WHAT THEY SEE, NOT WHAT YOU TELL THEM TO DO OR BELIEVE”

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

The second part of this post will be up tomorrow!

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