Tracking my steps

Healthy habits can only be achieved with a dose of honesty.

In January I decided to buy a step counter. After a few days of research I decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy Fit E. It was on a budget and it gives the time, weather, heart rate and counts calories.

I’ve enjoyed wearing this a lot and it has given me great data. For example, just by doing “mommy things” I can walk 6000 steps in a day!

On our bed linen laundry day I can walk up to 12000 steps. I also learned that I was not moving as much as I thought …. Ooops

For the month of February as my steps target I’ve decided to take 6100 steps a day.

Counting my steps has motivated me to move around a lot more. I look forward to not only to reaching my daily target but going a few hundred steps above.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!

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