February is all about Health

Hello Everyone
Before you read the following post I want you to keep somethings in mind

  1. This post is all about me
  2. I’m not judging anyone who loves how they look
  3. I’m not an expert in the subject… its all about trial an error

I’ve been waiting all January to do this because I want to talk about the small steps I have taken to live healthier life. For the past two years my relationship with food has been messy and unhealthy. This is what I did in January

  • I bought my self a Galaxy Fit E and I love it for two reasons. The price was on budget ($59) and it offers a wide range of readings such as steps, heart rate and weather. It also tells the time!
  • Set my step count at 6000
  • Downloaded MyFitness Pal
  • Bought some new work out clothes
  • Got out a pair of shorts. I hanged them up in the back of the bedroom’s door as motivation
  • YouTube workouts

There have been a few days where I have struggled to keep motivated and I’ve had many moments where I questioned my self… what I’m doing and if it is going to work…Losing weigh for me is all about reconnecting to my self, continue creating a healthy relationship with food and mental health. I understand that happiness isn’t connected to the scale and it doesn’t measure over health. I however love feeling lighter and wearing clothes that I wouldn’t wear at a higher weight.Changes are happening!!!

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