Kids & Winter Par 4

Late night post, we must talk about winter boots!

As with everything else, there are hundreds of boots to choose from and that means it can get a bit over whelming to choose the right boots.

My kids have used, a Wal-Mart brand because I’m not spending more than $30 on a pair of boots for a 2 year old. Bogs because my then 5 year old was struggling with regular winter boots and they are easy to wear. SOREL boots are durable (since they’ll be worn by kid #2). At the moment my kid #1 and kid #2 are wearing Artic Tracks, affordable boots and easy to wear too. The triplets are wearing running shoes since we barely go outside.

The most important qualities in a pair of boots are:

  1. They need to be light weight
  2. Water Proof
  3. No Shoe Laces
  4. They are withing your budget

Don’t forget to take your kids when buying boots and when they are trying them on make sure they are wearing the socks they would usually wear their boots with.

I hope everyone had a great hump day!

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