Kids & Winter Part 2

Hello Everyone!

In part 2 of the Kids & Winter series I’m going to be talking about JACKETS. They are an essential part of any wardrobe and with so many choices it can be a bit confusing to choose what is best for your children.

There are 5 key point I use when looking for a jacket and making the decision to purchase it.

  1. Age of the child
  2. Do you drive or walk
  3. Budget
  4. Material
  5. Environmental/Social Impact

In every stage of growth my children have used different types of winter jackets.

Currently E uses a Columbia Jacket

I choose this jacket because the style is of an older child, it can be used when he sits on his booster sit and is warm enough for long walks. For the quality it is a reasonable price and the material is water proof and is part of the Omni Heat Apparel. Most importantly it doesn’t have any feathers or leather however I do wish they were made in North America.

The 4 year old uses an Oshkosh carters jacket

This jacket is not too colorful on the outside but the inside gives it the pop it needs to be just right for a kindergartner. This jacket is wonderful if you are spending time outdoors but if you are driving.. make sure to take it off because it is bulky and its not safe for you child while using the car seat. If you are interested in learning more about jackets and car seats read the following article

The triplets use

Spring rain jackets, as I just mentioned above car seat safety is something you need to keep in mind when buy a winter coat. I choose to buy them spring jackets because they are not bulky. It would be a tremendous task to take off and put on 3 jackets if we go somewhere by car. I bought this jacket on sale (The first jacket is Old Navy and was worn by T, the other two jackets were $20 CAD at Joe Fresh). The triplets have used the jackets all through out 2019, the key is to use layers, the colder it is the more layers you put on them. If we do go for a walk, the triplets are inside their stroller bag, I also use a thick blanket and the rain shield. As I have mentioned before I wish all this jackets were made in North America. Once the jackets are small on them, they will be donated.

I hope this can give you some guidance on what you should look for when buying a winter jacket for the little ones!

*All the products I have mentioned in this post, I bought them with my own money. I use them and recommend them because they have work for me. We all have different preferences and remember what works for me, might not work for you.

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