Kids & Winter Part 1

Hello Everyone!

Today is freezing outside, I’m not very fond of the winter but I can’t afford to go anywhere warm so I deal with it. Having kids makes winter a little more complex. I would like to start this series with some tips on winter accessories.

Today’s weather in Celsius. Courtesy of The Weather Channel.
  1. Always have at least two hats, gloves/mittens and neck warmers for each child.
  2. Have them accessible at the entrance of the house ( I keep ours in a storage bench at the entrance of the house)
  3. Have a place to put all the hats and neck warmers. I got some wall organizers from IKEA and put them up at a height that is accessible to all the kids.
  4. Don’t go for the fancy hat or mittens, always go for the practical ones!
  5. Avoid scarfs and use neck warmers instead
  6. Use mitten/gloves clips (always have some extra just in case a child loses one)
  7. Use mittens for babies/toddlers and small kids
  8. Get a winter stroller bag. The triplets used the Jolly Jumper Stroller Snuggle and it came to around $64 Canadian.
  9. Buy a weather shield too!
  10. Whoever pushes the stroller in the winter get the warmest gloves you can find. I got mine from the Dollar store.
  11. Caregivers keep an extra pair of gloves in the car, stroller or purse
  12. Buy a comfortable hat, something that isn’t falling or you have to fix every few minutes. One day your bundles of joy will be big and you can wear all the cute winter hats you can πŸ™‚
  13. Don’t splurge on winter accessories, if you are like me or have a bunch of kids. Buy things based on the quality not the name brand.

I hope this tips are useful to all of you!

Part 2 will be posted on Monday

Have a great weekend everyone!

*All the products I have mentioned I have bought with my own money. I use them and recommend them because they have work for me. We all have different preferences and remember what works for me, might not work for you.

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