Hello Everyone

Yesterday morning was more chaotic than usual but we made it through.

The surprise of the day happened when I was at the bus stop waiting for my oldest kid (Kids go to different schools so I drive). The bus wasn’t showing up.. it was about 10 minutes late. I see a parent whose kid is on the same bus as mine running towards me. At this moment I’m thinking I missed the bus ( I was busy with the triplets) but then I realized that E would still have gotten off the bus and walked towards me.

I drive the car to where he is and he tells me that his daughter called him… they were dropped off two streets after their usual bus stop because there was a new bus driver and bus. I panicked, I also thanked him for letting me know. I wished E had a cell phone.

At this point I didn’t know where to go… I drove home (from the bus stop to our home is a one minute drive)…. that was the longest drive of my life… I turned into our street.. I looked at our home and there he was. Standing by the door, he looked a bit concerned but I think I was the one who was scared. I parked the car, ran towards him and hugged him.

You must be thinking what is the big deal…. well this is the first time he walks home by his self. I’m a bit of a pessimist and tend to imagine the worse. What scares me the most about him walking home is getting hit by car. Unfortunately, there have been too many pedestrian fatalities in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Since he started taking the bus we had talked about what to do if he got lost and how to get home. I was relieved to know he got home safely. I told him he did the right thing by coming home. We also told him that next time… he needs to speak up and let the driver know that the parents are waiting for the kids somewhere else.

I’ve been called an overprotective mother… but if I don’t protect my children who will?

I hope everyone is doing okay.

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