Locks of hair

Hello everyone

Today I would like to talk about hair.. this isn’t about a tutorial or anything along those lines.

Last night I cut off 12 inches of my hair to donate it. I’ve been growing my hair out for 2.5 years. Not even a trim!

In September of 2017 I made the goal of not cutting my hair and donate it once I turned 30.

The idea was to cut my hair on my birthday. However, I forgot… because of my mom’s illness and passing a week after my birthday,

Yesterday, I remembered and I went to grab my hair clippers, I divided the hair in four parts and braided each of them. I tripled measured and chop chop. Yeah my hair is a bit … uneven but since is curly it isn’t that bad….

I reached my goal, which taught me patience. I hope my locks of hair contribute to the amazing work of wig making for cancer patients.

I’ll post a picture of my hair once is not so crazy looking. My hair at the moment… can be compared to the result of a DIY hair cut YouTube tutorial.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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