Goodbye 2019, Goodbye to 2010’s

As I look out the window… I find my self reminiscing about this last year and decade.

I see the beautiful events like my wedding, having kids, graduating college, traveling and meeting wonderful people.

I feel happiness.I also see the negative things. The economic struggles, the strugleswith the triplets pregnancy, the death of my mother, health scares with the kids and the failure of all the things I did not accomplish. I feel sadness and doubt.There a a few lessons that life taught me in this decade.

  • I am enough
  • Not to tolerate or accept toxic behavior from people. Even if they are you family.
  • Walking away doesn’t make you a coward.
  • I can’t control many things that happen in my life or the world.
  • To enjoy the simple things

Goodbye 2019, goodbye to the decade of the 2010’s. I’m thankful for both of you.