Christmas Eve

December 24 is finally upon us. Today is one of the most important days of the year in our home. As Christians we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. Today is also a day to celebrate family.

I grew up (10 years) in Colombia and Christmas Eve is a huge deal. People party all night. The kids get to open their presents at 12 a.m. and there are fireworks. Once we came to Canada there were some changes in our Christmas traditions. Then when hubby and I started celebrating Christmas we started our own traditions…

The food: Our Christmas Eve dinner consists of Colombia food, we get some Indian food, some Chinese Hakka, pizza and chocolate cake.

The date: We decided to have Christmas dinner on the 24th and the 25th is dedicated to watching movies.

The gifts: Our kids are small, so we’ve decided to open the gifts by 9:00 p.m. Hubby and I will be getting 1 gift each while the kids get 2 each.

The music: We will listen to some Christmas songs and Pitbull’s radio station. The radio station is a good compromise… he likes hip hop and I like Latinx music.

The attendees: This year we’ve decided to not invite anyone over.

Its 8:54 p.m. … the kids have opened their presents and they are all in bed.

I’m tired … I’ll be going to bed soon.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas y Feliz Navidad!

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