R.I.P. Mami

Hello everyone,

For the past couple of weeks I have not posted anything…. they have been a rough couple of weeks and I have not been inspired to write or post anything.

My mom passed away last week, she was diagnosed with leukemia in September 2018. She was a strong women, she went through chemotherapy since then.. until the last couple of weeks of her live. She stopped eating and drinking any fluids, she was nauseous and weak. Seeing her that those few times she allowed me to see her were heartbreaking. The last day I saw her (the last day she was fully conscious) was heartbreaking.. she was a shell of who she was yet her face didn’t show it. My eyes would get watery every time I looked at her and when we left she told me I love you and sent me kisses with her hands. I’ve always heard people say “Thank God they passed away, at least they are not suffering anymore” well … now I understand 100% what they mean.

My older boys were hit very hard by her passing. My 8 year old couldn’t sleep for a few days after her passing and my 4 year old can’t comprehend why she can’t visit us anymore… they both have cried a lot.

I’m thankful my mom choose to be my mom, for the 30 years we got to share, for all the live lesson she gave me and still gives me everyday. I’m also thankful she got to live a full life.

I miss her a lot, I miss our little talks, our Whatsapp conversations and her calls through Whatsapp even though she could call me through the cellphone provider (we lived in the same region) and her advise.

The void in my heart and life is unmeasurable.

Love you mami and may you Rest In Peace.

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