Baby Book

Since I had my 1st child years ago I started a memory book that contains mementos of my child’s pregnancy and birth.

The triplets memory book was a challenged.

I decided to go with the .. each child gets one memory book. I’ll be the first one to admit it… this isn’t my best work. I wanted to get all the little Hospital bracelets and other things in one place before I lose them…

I had separated all their things in ziploc bags a few months ago.

I bought 3 white 3 ring binders, markers and some stickers… I completed each memory book in less than 30 min.

The point of this books is to look back at the little things that might not matter to anyone but me.

If any of my kids decide to have become parents.. I would like to share this books with my grandchildren…

I’m a believer of passing down memories, pictures and sometimes random information about people who might not be with us anymore.