I got new Cookware Set

The first cookware set I bought it was from Walmart. The second was a gift from my parents and it lasted 8 years. Last week I bought what I call my first “grown up” cookware set.

I spent around 2 hours doing some research. I looked for online and in-store deals. I came across the brand Paderno.

The brand is Canadian and some of their products are manufactured in Prince Edward Island ( a East Coast province).

I choose this set for to reasons. First the non stick coating and second the color. I cook because I need to and not because I enjoy it. I’m a baker 🥧🍪.

I bought this cookware set with an open mind because every review is subjective about how you experience the product or place.

The first meal I made was an almost stir fry.

Shredded chicken, baby carrots, green beans, rice with a bit soy sauce and a bit of sesame seed oil.

The second dish I made was.. Pasta with chicken. I minced the garlic and cut some tomatoes. I used a small cube of butter to give it texture and a tiny bit of flavor.

My take away from this cookware set is that I LOVE IT! The non stick works amazingly, the food is evenly cooked, and the cooking time isn’t long at all. The temperature I used while cooking was low to medium.

If you can afford a good cookware set please buy one. I’m still not very fond of cooking but with this cookware set my overall experience has become more enjoyable.

*This review is my personal opinion. I purchased this product.

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