Donation – B

A person I love has been battling leukemia for over a year. Blood transfusions have been a life line for them. Now is time to give back.

I feel that is important to clear one thing… this post isn’t for praise. This post is to bring awareness to the importance of donating blood.

The process is very smooth. You get, there present you I.D. and since I was a 1st time donor I had to read a booklet. I answered around 20 questions on a tablet. Then I got number 61… I was called within 5 minutes. While I waited I had some chips and water. Then, there were other questions asked, blood pressure and a prick on the finger (why does that hurt so much?!) to test my hemoglobin.

I finished there, and within 5 minutes I was sitting in the chair ready to start the actual donation. I was a bit scared, the needle is bigger and I thought it was going to hurt a lot. The nurse was so sweet, she explained everything and I calmed down a lot. Once the needle went in, I was okay and it wasn’t painful. Again, I’m going to praise the nurse because she did a wonderful job at keeping my busy while she did her job.

It’s amazing to see your blood feel a bag within 15 min. It made me appreciate my body and how a simple act such as donating blood can help someone else.

After the blood bag was full I was given more chips and apple juice. Thankfully, I wasn’t dizzy, my arm was a bit sore and I got a small bruise.

I’m planning on donating blood twice a year. I hope you do to.

Blood is a gift we can all give and its literally a gift of life. When we all do a little to contribute, we can accomplish a lot.