Who else has a place where they throw most of their mail? For me… is a diaper box.

Most of the mail has been open when received. The issue is that I don’t organize it or shred it. In this box…I found cellphone bills from 4 years ago.

Last year we moved, I was so exhausted from packing and taking care of the kids…. I didn’t shred anything. With us came 5 boxes of diapers full of papers… 8 years worth of papers…

We moved in the summer. It wasn’t until December I shredded 2 boxes. 1 in May and 1 in August. The smallest and last box was left. As I thought about this list, one of the first things that popped into my mind was that box.

I see it as: Shredding the papers from my 20’s is a symbol of letting go and embracing a new decade.

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