For the past 15 years the term “Global Warming” or “Climate Change” has been used a lot. Some people say is happening, others say is fear mongering.  I’m not here to debate whether is real or not. What I want to do is to be more conscious about my daily choices and how they affect other beings.

Growing up, I was introduced to the importance of preserving the ecosystem and learned some things that I could do to help the environment as well as people. Even after that, it wasn’t until the year 2011 when I started to recycle, throw food scraps in the waste and garbage in the garbage bin.

I still don’t do enough, but I have pick up some habits to reduce the amount of garbage we produce.

I love to use straws, so what I do is reuse straws. I wash them with soap and water, air dry it and put them in a container so they don’t get damaged. Yes,

In Ontario, Canada we use bagged milk, the amount of single use plastic in the package is embarrassing. As a family we have cut back on the consumption of cow milk. At the grocery store we found bottled organic milk. The milk is expensive, for 1 litre we pay $6.00 CAD plus tax. There are 7 of us, that means we would need 2 bottles a day of milk. We like to bake a lot so that means we’ll be using 18 bottles a week.. On the other hand, the bagged milk costs $6.00 CAD plus taxes and we get 4 litres. Our family can’t afford to buy the bottled milk for all of us… so we decided to give the kids the bottled milk.. while my husband and I use the bagged milk. Once we drink the milk, the bottled milk is returned to the store for a refund.


Bagged Milk in Store


I know that isn’t enough. In the post “Meat… Why Can’t I let you go? I wrote about becoming vegan. Not an easy choice to make, but for my health and the planet is a necessary one. So far we have mastered baking vegan cookies but aside from that I have not had success with other recipes. I’m not giving up though.

For now I’ll keep on buying bottled milk for the kids. Baking without milk and reducing my consumption of milk.  The less plastic we use, the more we help the environment. Animals in the ocean don’t have to be stuck in plastic or die with their bellies full of plastic. Start somewhere. We can all do out part and take care of each other.


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