Spa time…

As a mom of 5 kids… I barely get time to sleep… so thinking about or having some “me time” is not a priority.

In a perfect world… I would get my hair cut, wash and blow dry every couple of months, I would go to the nail salon twice a month and keep my nails long.

But I don’t live in a perfect world but one full of little kids and adult dilemmas.

Today, I had a doctor’s appointment. Hubby took care of the triplets and I didn’t have to pick up the older 2 kids for 4 hours. I decided to get my nails done… It felt amazing, I was able to relax and do something just for me.

As a mother and woman is easy to just not do some things because there is always something more important. Someone always needs you and your image takes a back sit. I know this doesn’t happen to every women of mother but it has happened to me.

At this moment my appearance is not as important. Hubby asks me at least once a month if I need some alone time… I usually say no. I’ve become so immerse in being a mom, wife and full time student that other things just don’t matter.

Once in a while I need to step out of my routine and take care of myself. With everything that is going on in my life… I had forgotten the joy of getting manicure and pedicure. As well as how positive is to my emotional and physical well being…


For the pedicure I used O.P.I.’s This Cost Me a Mint and I got a clear coating on my nails.

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