Meat… why can’t I let you go?

Yesterday, I tried to not eat any meat or dairy products but by dinner I was craving meat and I gave in to my cravings.

I grew up in a region where cattle is one of the biggest business, the mass production of beef in that region means that I ate A LOT of beef.

I don’t know why but I get sick (throwing up and all those unpleasant things) if I substitute beef with chicken or fish. If I don’t eat meat then I get extremely hungry…. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not eating a steak every night for dinner.. Out of 7 dinners, I usually eat beef 4 times a week. The type of beef I eat is ground or fast frying beef which is really thin.

Now that you know the background on my meat eating ways.. let me tell you what happened yesterday….

I woke up, drank some water and had half a clementine. For breakfast I had Colombian hot chocolate without milk, toast and fruits. So far I was content with how the day was going.

For lunch I had an apple with some water…

but dinner was my downfall. I made “Quesalagna” which is a baked.. two layers of tortillas, with marble cheese and pulled chicken..

I saw the end product and … I said enough.. I’m eating this!

The good news is that I’m sticking to my portion control lifestyle plan.

Since I watched the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.. I started to question my eating habits. After watching the documentary on Netflix, I watched some other documentaries and I have slowly but surely changed my eating habits.

My goal is to one day become vegan. It isn’t an easy transition but I have improve a bit. When I was a teen, I would eat 2 hamburgers a day…. not my proudest moments..

I might not have gone the whole day without eating meat or dairy but I did prove to my self that is not impossible.

I would like to acknowledge all the vegan and vegetarian people in the world. I admire all of you.

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  1. Really healthy food choices, but not enough calories or protein for breakfast or lunch. Protein helps to keep us from getting hungry, so by dinnertime you would have been ravenous! When we’re this hungry it’s harder to stick with our goals. I’ve made the same decision lately, to eliminate meat and dairy from my diet, replacing those proteins with more legumes, (beans), nuts, goat’s milk cheeses, and fish. Feels good so far.😊Hope this helps!🌻Enjoyed your post.


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