Oh, my closet …. the space where no trend is followed anymore. In my teen and early 20’s I spent quite a bit of time roaming the racks of Forever 21, Urban Planet and Stitches (Canadian stores). I bought a lot of junk, usually would not even try the clothes in the store because I was to lazy. Some clothes I would not even wear, other I wore once or twice, and the ones I kept… I would wear them and then realize … “why am I wearing this kind of print or style.

The evolution of my style was influenced by my peers. It took me a while to figure out what I liked and what I would not like to wear… this evolution started to happen after I became I mom (I was 21 years old)… the more kids I had, the more I thought about the money I was spending and on what pieces of clothing I was spending it on.

In 3 weeks, I’ll be in my early thirties and I have been slowly donating clothes in the past few moths. I’m following the Marie Kondo method. I was holding on to many pieces of clothing because of what they represented. Most of my clothes were from 2011 to 2014 when I was of 1.

It has been difficult to let go because I’m giving away objects that represented me at a certain point. Donating a good amount of my clothes is accepting that change is inevitable… I haven’t finished organizing the closet and will probably take a couple of more days so have everything set up. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made so far.

One thing that has not changed that much is how drawn I’m to dark colors, stripes and dots… and that I have the bigger share of the closet… sorry hubby.

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