In the summer months I took an art class. I learned about the cave paintings in Altamira to Pop Art all the way to the 90’s it was intense but interesting.

I have never put a painting on the wall of any of the places I’ve lived…but I think it’s time to change that.

On Friday I went to the thrift store and looked through so many framed paintings and photos. The only condition I had for the painting was that it had to be child friendly. By that I mean … If it falls on someone’s head is not going to cut their head in half…

As I was looking I found this 👇

I don’t know the author or date but I thought … winter will be here soon .. why not have a painting of a beach. It’s not framed and the colors are not too bright.

Even after taking that art class… I have 0.5% knowledge when it comes to art. This painting is the first in my art collection … I gotta start somewhere…

Oh, I haven’t hang it yet… Oops

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