Double Post!

Hello Everyone!

Today I will be posting on two topics. My social media black out and a rare shopping spree…

I spent 24 hours off social media! No, it wasn’t because I have extraordinary will power it was because my phone broke. I was forced to be offline. Its hard to admit it but I missed my phone A LOT! There was a small void in my day… yes social media can sometimes be overwhelming or addictive but the void was from the lack of interaction with people. As a stay at home mom, most of the days the only adult I speak to is my husband… so interacting on social media with other parents and people is a little break from mommy duties.

Now let us move on to the next topic of the day…

I don’t know about other parents but ever since I became one… I’ve become less focused on what I wear .. you can usually find me with my hair in a messy bun, a t-shirt, leggings or jeans and wearing a pair of Keds. If I buy something for my self… is going to be from the under $20 section at Old Navy (nothing wrong with Old Navy… I love it.. budget friendly for the whole family and  I think all my clothes might be from there). So yes I spend little money on my self, that includes my watches.. I have 3 and they cost me… $30.. but I’ve always wanted to buy a Fossil watch.. I know is not an “expensive” brand but I just love their watches… today I had to go get a new phone at the mall… I was by my self (mini vacation)!!! I walked by departments store’s watch section and I saw this beautiful Fossil watch… I looked at it.. and I thought maybe I can buy it in a few months… but then… I thought … when am I gonna be alone again and at the mall? So I bought it and guess what… it was on sale too! So I got my self an early birthday present.

Remember social media can be a great way to socialize and pamper your self a little!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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