What’s your number?

Before you start reading I want to clarify that I do not judge people on their physical appearance. If you are happy with the way you look then that’s all that matters.

My number is 186.8…

I never thought I would share my weight with the world but yeah I currently weight 186.8 lb.

For some reason, since I became a teenager, I associated my weight with my worth. It wasn’t until this year that I accept that my weight does not define me. You see, from my late teens until 2017 my average weight was 150 lb but I felt I was “too fat”… therefore not worthy enough of anything good.

Looking back I can’t believe that I thought I was fat!… I’m bigger than I’ve ever been for an extended period of time but I feel good. I would like to lose a bit more weight and find that comfortable point… where I don’t go crazy counting calories or eat too much (portion control).

I’ve struggled to lose the baby fat from the triplets’ pregnancy… I went up to 209 lb. So yes I have lost 20 lb but I would like to lose a bit more.

The idea is not about quick fixes but long lasting results. I know the maximum amount of weight I could lose is 8 lb. I think is safe to say that before I turn 30, I will lose 4 to 6 lbs.

I’m amazed at what a human body can do. My 3 pregnancies have taught me to love my body and accept that the body changes…. either you embrace it or not.

I might look “worse” than a decade ago but now I don’t let the scale dictate how I feel about my self.

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