Portion Control

This isn’t an easy topic to write about, no one wants to admit that they are wrong and I’m not the exception. I need to be honest with all of you. I’ve been struggling with the amount of food I eat for the past two years.

The Background:

With all my pregnancies I’ve struggle with morning sickness ( I call it all day sickness). If I didn’t take two pills of DICLECTIN a day, I would through up all day long. With the other two pregnancies after the 5 month mark the morning sickness would go away but not with the triplets pregnancy. I was on the DICLECTIN until the day before the triplets were born. Even with DICLECTIN I could barely eat anything and to this day there are certain foods I can’t think about because I get nauseas.

After the birth

Once the triplets were born, I was pumping breast milk every two hours, trying to recover from the c-section while having 3 babies in the NICU and two boys at home. I was still barely eating so I turned to the easiest meal I could make… cereal with milk. I would have two bowls a day with some fruit and one “healthy” meal a day. When the triplets came home, we started to eat take out for lunch and dinner. I started to eat two meals a day, I didn’t have time to sit down for more than 5 minutes without someone needing me. So, I decided to fill up my plate twice a day and eat until I could eat no more. Usually I would go 12 hours without eating anything because there wasn’t enough time. 19 months later I’m still eating the same way because that was my routine for over a year and I can’t shake it off.


For me to break this routine, I need to introduce a 3rd meal in the day so I bought smaller plate. I have a Corelle dinner set, to not break the set I bought a lunch plate. What I’ve been doing is filling the plate until the first circle (look at the picture of the plates). Most of the days I end up eating 3 meals a day. Unfortunately, there are days like today (Chocolate Chip Pancake breakfast day) where I fill it to the top and I end up eating 4 pancakes.



Overeating once in a while is okay, but I need to change this horrible habit of mine. I know that kids learn by example and I don’t want my kids to pick up on this bad habit.

I need to be held accountable so posting my meals for the world to see is the best way…. Here are my two meals of today. …breakfast and dinner.


Dinner & Breakfast

What portion control strategies have you tried? Were you successful?

Take care and see you tomorrow!

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