Accept the things I cannot change

First of all today is


As humans there are things we all would like to change and that’s okay. However, in the past I’ve let somethings dampen my happiness.

I will not go into details because they are very personal things but is time to accept certain aspects of who I am. I spent years hating parts of my self, it wasn’t until I started to love my self tha I realized how amazing I was.

I will not let anyone dictate how/who/what I should be.

I’m thankful for who I am and what I’ve become. I’m thankful for the heartbreaks because they taught me to appreciate true love. I’m thankful for the loneliness because now I’m not scared of it. I’m thankful for the bad choices because they’ve helped me grow. I’m thankful for my parents because they gave me a second chance. I’m thankful for my three girls because they are my constant support. I’m thankful for my family.

Dwell on it for a bit, accept it and let it go…

Happy Thanksgiving πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ

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