With the kids

Be prepared to be interrupted at least 5 times within a 2 minute expand which is what is happening as I write this… In my experience you need patience and more than usual when you are travelling with your little ones. Also be prepared but do not freak out if the plan you had come up with to entertain  them  goes out the window because it most likely will. Try to keep them awake at least 2 hours before you are travelling (specially by plane). Ideally walk with them at least once in a period of 2 hours, this way they are able to burn a bit of energy. Hubby and I have choose to travel by car most of the times because of the flexibility the mode of transportation (you are able to stop at any rest stop and if needed change your plans). We all know the stares people give you with a screaming infant or toddler in a crowded airplane and we just like to avoid that if possible. The following is  a list of objects that I have found useful when travelling by car, bus or plane Bring snacks Cereals, chewy bars, trail mix, chips Apple and baby carrots (usually there is no leakage and they do not get spoiled as fast) Candy yes try lollipops or their favorite chocolate bar Entertainment Crayons and activity book Story book Stickers Post it notes Tablets with a ton […]

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