The 1st Kingdom

Most families have traditions that are passed down for hundreds of years. In the case of my family (hubby, kids and I) we are starting a lot of new traditions since we both grew up in very different countries, cultures and religion ( He was born in India and as you know I was born in Colombia).

One of those traditions is travelling for Ki’s (my oldest son) birthday.

This year the little man turned 6 and he is obsessed with the Kratt brothers (if you are from my generation you will know them as the brothers from Zoboomafoo).

Hubby and I had no idea where we could find animals of different kinds with outdoor enclosures (We do live close by the Toronto Zoo and have a membership but is too cold to go there in February). That’s when we figure out the perfect place … Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Ki wanted a safari type adventure, and he would get to see elephants (the Toronto Zoo elephants were taken to California a few years back and Ki never got a chance to see them).

I will admit, I wanted to go to the Animal Kingdom too… I felt like a little kid planning this trip.

We traveled from Toronto to Orlando. My next post will be have all the details on this road trip plus the hotel and outlets in Orlando !!

Getting back to the Kingdom…

This was the first time we went to a Disney park and we were amazed. The Kilimanjaro Safari was amazing! We got to see the animals close enough and yest those are elephants tracks! I took the picture from the jeep, they were on the road the jeep was travelling on.


The facilities were clean, garbage cans were always available, I loved the baby center.. I was so happy they have one, sadly a lot of amusement parks lack a space for breastfeeding, changing babies/toddlers that is clean and does not make you feel out of place.

We had lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe, dessert at Starbucks, bought bubble wands for the kids, got to go on rides and the kids were so happy running around it was worth every penny.

We went in the “low season” in which we paid a reasonable price for the park tickets, we did bring out own bottles of water and a stroller for Ty ( my smallest one).

Overall our experience was excellent, since we are low budget travelers we could not stay long enough to visit any other parks. We will return to visit the other parks in February. Some people might find it cold but when you come from the North is the perfect weather plus is not as packed as other seasons.

Disney is definitely a place were you can feel like a kid again.

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