The Palace & Joe Louis

This year the of an era will take place. The Pistons will be leaving The Palace of Auburn Hills and the Red Wings will be leaving  Joe Louis arena. They both will be playing in the Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit.

Last summer when hubby, the kids and I went to see the Tigers vs the Blue Jays we were able to see the structure of the arena. It was  bare but you could see the shape and it seems like is going to have a similar idea as the arenas that are being left behind.

IMG_20170317_192114  The Palace taken by  aleka.b

Joe Louis and the Palace have been the most inclusive arenas by that I mean… this arenas feel like every seat is the best seat. You feel like you do not need to watch the game through binoculars. I dislike that very much about many arenas so we tend to seat in the 200 level.. I know you pay what you get for but if you ever stepped into Joe Louis you would not be saying that!

20160313_224210Joe Louis taken by aleka.b

To both arenas I only went once but it was a great experience. I and my hubby are glad we could take the kids (even if they do not remember at least they will have pictures).

I look forward to attending hockey and basketball games at the new arena.

Before I sign off let’s us remember the great Mike Ilitch owner of the Red Wings and Detroit Tigers.

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