The Welcome Package


This is a small introduction on who I am.

I am a stay at home mom and I love to write but I am scared ( anyone can see this and the criticism I could get… it just kills me thinking about it) , I want this blog to be successful but self doubt has always been part of me and I live with it everyday. In the last decade I have learned to speak up and tell you to efff off if I have to… (admit it we all cuss once in a while) . Many people do not like that but hey this is who I am and I admit to it.

I was born in Colombia,  mom’s family is Italian and I am Canadian..

In the past 4 years I as well as my hubby and kids (6 &1) have bonded through travelling and we enjoy it. Most of  our travels are to attend hockey, basketball and baseball games. My hubby is a huge fan of the 3 major Toronto (Canada) teams. The kids have learned to love the games and teams. I have become fond of the sports and teams but I am a soccer fan. Travelling to different destinations have opened a whole different world for our family, we get to see these great games as well as the cities that host them. The road trips are amazing.

I want to share our journeys with you…

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