A Dose of Reality

Before I start writing about our adventures and travels, I want you guys to look at the whole picture of travelling with or without a family.  The ugly, the bad and the good :). The Ugly As I stated before we only have one income.. we live in in the biggest city in Canada.. which logically is expensive to live in. We rent a small 1 and a half bedroom apartment.. (affordability of a house or apartment in Toronto and Vancouver has become an issue for people of my generation). Hubby and I have been on our own since we were 20 and we do not get any financial help from either of our parents. So a few years ago we decided that owning a house or even apartment was going to be out of our reach so we decided to travel instead. So the “dream” of home ownership does not exist in our lives… (yes we could move 3 hours away from here but this is where the jobs are plus we get to travel). The Bad Sacrifices are made every day, some sacrifice more than others but any sacrifice is hard. First let’s start with work.. hubby works an average of  15 hours a day/ 7 days a week and I take care of the kids. We do not go out on dates (we watch Netflix & eat McDonald’s once in a while). I buy drug store make […]

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